Integrating Our Meta Aggregator with Rootstock Blockchain

3 min readMar 6, 2024


Interoperability and collaboration are pivotal for driving innovation and expanding access to services in the rapidly evolving landscape of DeFi. As the ecosystem continues to mature, integrating different blockchain networks plays a crucial role for us in our mission of providing you with the best tools for investments, while saving you time and enhancing your experience no matter what chain you call home. In this article, we will explore how our meta aggregator adds value to the Rootstock blockchain, combining the best of DEX Aggregators, and empowering users with seamless access to the best trades.

Why Rootstock

Rootstock (RSK) is recognized as a pioneering platform that expands the functionalities of the Bitcoin network by facilitating smart contracts and dApps. As the first ever Bitcoin sidechain, it is the home to the largest Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem and utilizes a merge-mining mechanism to enhance security while offering compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Presently, 60% of the hash power of Bitcoin also secures Rootstock. This unique combination of features positions Rootstock as a powerful ecosystem for building DeFi solutions and unlocking new possibilities for the Bitcoin community.

Rootstock offers several compelling advantages for integrating (in this first stage 👀) with our meta aggregator. By leveraging Rootstock’s compatibility with EVM and Bitcoin’s security model, we can extend our reach to a broader user base while maintaining robust security standards. Additionally, Rootstock’s merge-mining mechanism ensures high levels of network security, providing users with peace of mind that their transactions will be safely validated when interacting with DeFi protocols through the meta aggregator.

How the Community Benefits

Meaners, you already know that we are committed to empowering users with the freedom to choose and optimize their DeFi experience. Our meta aggregator serves as a gateway to DEXs and liquidity pools across more than 25 EVM-compatible chains, now including Rootstock as well. By consolidating quotes and execution capabilities from leading DEX aggregators such as Oku and Sovryn, our platform enables Rootstock users to access the best prices and liquidity without sacrificing security.

Through the implementation of the Permit2 (universal approval) smart contract, users can execute trades on any aggregator without the need for repeated approvals, reducing attack vectors and enhancing overall security. For a more comprehensive approach to how our universal approval works, you can read this article.

Meta Aggregator Features

In addition to real-time rate display from each DEX aggregator, our meta aggregator offers a range of features to streamline the DeFi experience:

  • Universal Approval: Users can approve tokens with a single transaction, eliminating the need for repeated approvals across multiple DEX aggregators.
  • Fault-Tolerance: The meta aggregator simulates swaps across multiple chains to mitigate the risk of transaction failures and ensure seamless execution.
  • Price Guarantee: Users receive the exact quoted price by verifying swaps across different aggregators, minimizing the risk of discrepancies.
  • One-Step Swap and Transfer: Users can execute swaps and transfer funds to any wallet address in a single transaction, regardless of the DEX aggregator used.

Moreover, we have partnered with Omniscia to conduct our smart contract audits, ensuring the security of user funds throughout the transaction process.

Future Outlook

This integration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a more interconnected and accessible DeFi ecosystem. By integrating our meta aggregator with Rootstock, we continue to bring our products to a broader community to advance the mission of improving the end-user experience in DeFi, while prioritizing user security and convenience. We are ready to unlock new opportunities and empower users as much as we can: that’s what we aim for by leveraging Rootstock’s capabilities and our commitment to user-centric innovation.

For sure some of you are wondering if we will also enable our Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) feature in the Rootstock blockchain. Be patient and stay tuned. Great things are coming, one block at a time.




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